Kater's Tater Tot's #5



Yarn: Nomadic Yarns, Trusty Sock in colorway: Gumdrop Buttons

Mmmm...another lucious self striping sock yarn in my favorite base, Trusty Sock! Sometimes I think, "maybe I'll make some mitts or a small scarf/shawl instead of socks with this yarn." Then I just go ahead and make socks out of it.

Tech Tool: Smart Weigh ZIP600 Ultra Slim Digital Pocket Scale with Counting Feature

An imperative tool for any designer or kntiter who is thorough. You can use this tool to roll yarn into equal sizes, seem how much yarn a project used, and more! It's tiny, easy to use with many weight variations, and the batteries last forever.

Flair: David Tennant Era Doctor Who Buttons

Remember the time I purchased a Tardis light switch plate? WEll, these super sweet 10th Doctor buttons are from the same shop! So many great items are in this shop, check it out!

Bag: Offhand Designs - Circular Knitting Needle Case in Daphne

So many great interchanable needle sets come in crappy cases/bags! Upgrade your knitting by purcahsing an American made needle case by Offhand Designs. The owner is super sweet and the fabric are delightful!

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