Kater's Tater Tots - #4



Bag: Bob’s Burgers Sock Cube by Nomadic Yarns

From the maker of my favorite self striping yarn, this small sock cube was love at first sight! I love Bob's Burgers and this fabric was classy and the perfect size. Although there are currently no active listings for this product, I but Ashley might be able to custom make one for you!

Needle: Signature Needle Arts, 40″ circular US1 (2.25mm)

Sigh...these needles were only available for a brief time. They are no longer being made. None of the fixed circulars are...or a circular in a US 1...or 2 for that matter. Anyway, if you were one of the lucky ones, congrats! We just have to hope they never break.

Yarn: Turtlepurl Yarn - Striped Turtle Toe, colorway: Trenchcoat (sock yarn)

These...not Burberry...self striping socks are AWESOME! They come in two perfectly matched skeins so you can knit two-at-a-time socks without worry! Genius. Also, the stock flips fairly quickly. If the listing above is sold, check the current inventory!

Lotion: Sally B’s Skin Yummies - Healing Hand Balm - Sweet Lemon Ginger

This is an all organic lotion in a cute travel size! I have one in my purse...my knitting bag...at my desk...don't judge me.

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