Kater's Tater Tots - #3


Loose Leaf Tea: Tay, flavor: Better Than Sex

I think we can agree that the name says it all.

Jewelry: Narwahl Horn Necklace

I picked this little gem up at a local yarn store one day. It was on consignment from an etsy seller, who I wasn't able to find, but there are a lot of similar styles out there! You should get one.

Yarn: Hand Maiden, Camelspin - No colorway listed

80% silk, 20% camel, 100% amazing. So soft. So beautiful. You will not regret investing in this yarn! Although it's not sold directly from Hand Maiden, Colorsong has 'the largest selection of Hand Maiden and Fleece Artists yarn anywhere' and is linked above.

Makeup: Urban Decay, colorway: Punch Drunk

My favorite pop shade! It's super saturated and stays on a good amount of time. Just don't forget to buy the large pencil sharpener!

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