Kater's Tater Tot's - #2



Tech Tool: Panasonic RPHTX7C1 Headphones

I have loved this headphones more than any other brand, including those much more expensive. They're fully over the ear, very comfortable and have no sound leakage! Plus, you can't hear ANYTHING around you when you have them on. I can't tell you how many times I've been 'snuck up on' when wearing these...

Nomadic Yarns, Colorway: Poolside self striping in Trusty Sock base

My favorite source for self striping yarn in my favorite base! You can pick it to be dyed in whichever is your preference, bonus!

Nail Polish: ESSIE, colorway cocktails & coconuts

The nude nail is a HUGE trend right now. This one is just right for me.

Lotion: Shepherd’s Gold Recovery Balm

My feet get a treat every night from this amazing lotion. I like to slather it on and pull up some socks to give my feel a little spa treatment while I catch some Z's.

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