Knit-spiration: BBC's Sherlock

This was all possible thanks to Netflix for providing me with an opportunity to binge watch 100% of the BBC's Sherlock. It is amazingly good.

That said, I MAY have become a tiny bit obsessed with the entire feel of the show. So smart, so funny, so emotional! Once I finished, and while I'm waiting for seasons 4 (like everyone else) I decided I would design a small collection of peices with Sherlock inspiration.

The Pieces:

Scarf - This piece will become reality! The yarn is set and ready to go!


Phone Cozy

Keychain Wristlet

Crown?? more!

Somehow I have to work in Moriarty breaking into the crown jewels scene. Fansastic.





Pop of Pink


Is anyone else stoked??

#designs #sherlock #bbc #knitspiration

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