Katie Rempe is


The name 'Kater Tater' was a nickname that was bestowed upon Katie by two friends. It was origianlly KaterTaterTot but has since been shortened in most cases (but not on Instagram!)


Most recently, Katie competed in The Fiber Factor, a Project Runway styled knitwear design competition run by Skacel. She was required to complete six random challenges in a six month period as well as upload videos and photos of her progress to keep everyone informed. For more information, check out her Fiber Factor Designs page! 


Katie graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in Fashion Design with a technical concentration. Upon graduation she discovered that her true passion in the fashion industry was knitwear design. Since then, she's been working on expanding her repertoire of hand and machine knitting patterns which are available to the knitting community. Check back often to see new designs, read the blog and find Katie on Ravelry!